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Mailbox Manufacturers

Lettasafe manufacture their entire range of post boxes in their workshops in South Burlingham. All the letterbox components* are made in England. The front and back castings including the post flap and door of our post boxes are cast from solid aluminium in English foundries. The mailbox sleeve is made from sturdy zintec coated steel. All the postbox components receive a 7 stage pre-treament before being powder coated with a log lasting low bake enamel in a variety of colours. Image ...

Heavy Duty Mailboxes

KEY FEATURES Robust Design Less Prone to Theft Solid Aluminium Front and Rear Castings Securely fitted Supplied with 2 Keys The heavy duty  front and rear castings of the Lettasafe post boxes are made from solid thick aluminium. The inner sleeve is made from strong zintec coated steel and when these mail boxes are built into a brick wall or brick pier your letter box is extremely vandal resistant. Your postbox can be made even more secure with the optional ...

Old Cast Iron Post Boxes

Old cast iron postboxes While it might seem like a novel and quirky idea to use an old Post Office box as your home letterbox, in reality it is an idea best avoided. The most obvious reason not to opt for a Post Office box is that people may confuse it with an official Post Office mailbox and post their own private mail into it. In recent years, Old Post Office mailboxes, especially those that fit directly into a wall, have become sought after collectors’ items, with each ...

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