"Ample Capacity and very functional postbox"
Rob, London
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Posboxes at affordable prices

Beautiful Postboxes at Affordable Prices


The choice between something affordable and presentable and something expensive and beautiful has been hounding buyers ever since the start of commercial trade. Whether you’re choosing to buy a car, clothes, jewelry or anything you have to show off, you have to weigh your choice very carefully.


But thankfully enough when it comes to postboxes, or parcel boxes you don’t have to make this choice. That’s because Lettasafe boxes are both beautiful and affordable.


Whether you’re an architect who has been commissioned to build a house, a homeowner looking for the perfect touch or just someone out to make a gift of a mailbox, it no longer becomes a matter of price but of choosing the style.


Good style is never out of place


When it comes to style Lettasafe outdoor letterboxes are designed with variety in mind. We have many designs suited for many preferences; from the simple to the elegant and from the basic to the complex. So now you have to decide what looks best and where.


The Kingsbury, Bloomsbury front access models can be mounted on the surface of walls for easy spotting.


If you want your mailboxes tucked out of the way we have the Stamford, the Thames Discreet, the Oakley, the Jubilee and the Orwell models that can be installed in the walls or in brick piers.


Perhaps you want an external letterbox that is really in the way of things? We also have free standing models of Kingsbury and Bloomsbury ready for you to install anywhere you please.


We can also accommodate for mailboxes of specific sizes or dimensions since we realize not all houses or house designs are the same.


Our models also come in different colours, you can choose between black, white, green and burgundy to match or complement the home whether you want them in the wall, in the garden or at the gate.


If you want, the mailbox can also come with name and number already applied in white, gold, silver, ivory, maroon or black.


We safeguard mail against the elements


Don’t let the beauty of our letterboxes deceive you. These metal postboxes are designed for years of use and made from the strongest LM6 grade aluminum and finished with a coat of powder enamel. Our castings also have rubber seals to keep out the elements.


We also know that natural elements are only half the battle. Lettasafe postal boxes are also designed to keep the criminal elements at bay. Models can come with safety features like specialized locks, digital keypad and an anti-theft restrictor plate to make sure sticky fingers get nowhere near your mail.


Delivery of your new mailbox will take three to five days after we finalize your order specifications and payment details. Lettersafe products are covered by a three-year warranty if any defects due to manufacturer errors are found.


Whether you are designing a house, building a house or just want to give someone a gift, a beautiful postbox need not be beyond your budget. Order a Lettasafe postbox now!

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