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Orwell through wall letterplate

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Orwell through wall letterplate-LS13
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Orwell through wall letterplate
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LS13 Orwell post chute assembly

  • Double wall model accommodates walls from 210-250mm thick
  • Single wall model accommodates walls 95-140mm thick
  • Choice of 4 different letter plate finishes
  • Neat solution for transferring mail through a brick wall
  • Choice of textured black or gloss white or black finishes
  • Mail is securely transferred to your own collection box
  LS13 Orwell letter chute
       Click here for wall depths greater than 250mm

Fitted into a single brick wall

Double wall model rear view

The Orwell is a post chute system intended to be used in applications requiring a neat and secure method of transferring mail through various width walls. The Orwell does not have a rear collection box, the mail either falls to the floor or into your own collection box

**PLEASE NOTE** The Single wall size is only available in Textured White and Textured Black

LS13 Letterbox Dimensions

The Orwell through the wall chute is adjustable and is designed to fit walls between 210mm and 250mm.

Shown below are the dimensions of the LS13 through wall chute system, all dimensions are in mm.

 Dimensions of the Brass Letterplate

These are the dimensions of the post flap supplied with the LS13. This post flap is shown in brass but is also available in textured black and polished or brushed chrome.

  • A = 305mm, the overall width of the letterplate.
  • B = 96mm, this dimension is the overall height of the letterplate.
  • C = 57mm, the height of the letterplate orifice.
  • D = 233mm, the width of the letterplate orifice 
 LS13 rear opening dimensions

 Shown below are the dimensions of the rear opening of the LS13 Chute assembly.

  • A = 252mm, the inside width of the rear opening.
  • B = 97mm, the height of the rear opening for the standard model
  • B = 77mm, the height of the rear opening for the single wall model
  • C = 282mm, the overall width of the rear opening.
  • D = 127mm, the overall height of the rear opening for the standard model including the 15mm flange
  • D = 107mm, the overall height of the rear opening for the single wall model including the 15mm flange
 Minimum depth of LS13 chute assembly

The LS13 chute assembly can be adjusted to accommodate wall thicknesses from 215mm to 250mm. Shown below is a section showing the minimum wall thickness

  • A = 215, this is the minimum depth of wall that can accommodate the chute assembly. This is adjustable up to 250mm


Click here to view models suitable for wall depths greater than 250mm

 LS13 Postbox chute dimensions These are the dimensions of the outer (rear) chute. This assembly slides over the inner chute which is attached to the letterplate
  • A = 103, the height of the deepest part of the chute assembly which fits inside the wall
  • B = 258 this is the width of the chute assembly
  • C = 83, the height of the shallow section of the rear chute assembly which fits inside the wall


Shipping weight:

7kg when packed.

Overall dimensions:

282mm wide, 127mm high, 226mm deep (front to back, this can be extended up to 250mm)


The front and rear chute assemblies are made from sturdy 3mm thick steel and manufactured in our workshops in England. To ensure long life and appeal, these components are thoroughly cleaned and primed before being phosphate treated and coated in a durable top quality low bake enamel in a choice of colours. The letter plate is made from brass which is available in a choice of finishes. 

LS13 Orwell Instructions

On the front face of the brickwork cut out the brickwork at the location of the letter plate (or leave a gap if building the wall).
Cut a notch in the brickwork either side of the front opening

(Double wall only)

On the rear face of the brickwork cut out the brickwork (or leave a gap if building the wall)

Note that the tops and sides of the cut outs should be alligned , the bottom of the rear opening extends 20mm below the bottom of the front opening.

Position the front chute over the studs on the letter plate and secure with the 2 nyloc nuts. Note the orientation of the chute, the larger gap is at the top. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS

With the help of an assistant, slide the front chute assembly through the hole made in the brickwork.

Carefully slide the rear section through the brickwork and over the front section.

Secure the front and rear sections together using the bolts and nylon washers provided. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLTS

From the back, run a bead of clear silicon along the joint of the front and rear sections.

On the front wall, run a bead of clear silicon between the top and sides of the letter plate and the brickwork



Download PDF Download PDF
LS13 Orwell fitting instructions




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