"I have ample space for all my mail and newspapers in my Lettasafe postbox"
C. Gardiner, Chiselhurst
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Choose the right postbox for your office

Choose the Right Postbox for Your Office


Mail is and will always be an important part of business, it does not matter how modernised or digital yours has become.


Mail was the preferred mode of communication between customer and service provider long before the telephone and the Internet and will still continue to be used as long as people need to send and receive physical items like letters, parcels, bills, formal invitations and others.


So whether you work for a business or own one, a mailbox is essential to the operation, and Lettasafe has the best mailboxes in the business.


Where do you want it?


When it comes to choosing a letterbox for your workplace one of the things you have to consider is easy accessibility. Where is the most convenient area you can put it where it is readily accessible to both postman and owner?


The answer is ‘anywhere you prefer’ really. Lettasafe has external letterbox models that can be mounted on your walls, on your rails, on your posts, on your gate if you want. If you want a free-standing mailbox we have those too.


Attract attention


We are not saying that you have to have a beautiful postbox for your workplace but sometimes the really nice ones do stand out get and noticed easily. Who knows? This just might give you a little edge over the competition.


Lettasafe’s external letter boxes have just the right touch of flair without looking too ostentatious for your workplace.


Sometimes size does matter


Just how much mail traffic is your business expecting anyway?


We have small wall mounted postboxes that can handle a regular volume of mail, our Highway Vertical and Oakley letter chute models can handle as much mail as you receive as the letters and packages pass through the mail chute into your own container (which can be as large as you like) or directly onto the floor.


You have great expectations? For that we have our standard letterboxes like the Bloomsbury and Kingsbury models. Both have a standard 25-litre capacity but as with most of our models you can customize for specific dimensions if you feel you really have to have just a bit more space.


However, if you’re really expecting to deal with a lot of mail you cannot immediately attend to then we highly recommended the really huge free standing Vincent model. This mail and parcel postbox is made from solid 14 gauge steel and has a total capacity of 136 litres.


But those are not our only models, you have a lot to choose from based on what size you want and where you want it placed. Choose from our catalogue and pick the one that best fits your business.


Safe and durable


Business is cutthroat competition at its most civilized. Don’t expect the worst but be prepared for it anyway and safeguard your mail against thieves or vandals.


Lettasafe letterboxes are made of aluminum and finished with a powder enamel coat to ensure strength and durability. We also have security features like the anti-theft restrictor plate and specialized locks to make sure the wrong people do not get their hands on your mail.


Delivery takes three to five days after we confirm your order details and method of payment. Lettersafe assures the quality of its products. In case of manufacturer defects each product has a three-year warranty.


Mail will always be part of a business. After all, you can’t expect letters and parcels to come via Internet or telephone can you?


Choose Lettasafe mailboxes. The right choice of postbox is important for your business or workplace.

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