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Keeping Mail Safe

Keeping your post and mail safe 

Nowadays, when thinking about keeping your delivered mail safe, it is understandable if your first concern is avoiding becoming a victim of identity theft. After all, it is a crime whose figures seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. However, while keeping mail safe from identity theft should be given high consideration there are a few more fundamental reasons to look into mail safety.
The most common type of letterbox employed is the standard slot-in-the-door letter box where, once delivered, the mail falls to the floor. Some of the fundamental issues associated with this type of delivery system include damage to items whilst being posted (perhaps an envelope contains a fragile item), damage from pets (dogs are particularly fond of retrieving the mail as it comes through the slot), post going missing (thanks to little children picking it up and hiding it somewhere ‘safe’) and finally, if you live in an area prone to flooding or if your front door is prone to leaking when it rains, water damage.  One of the simplest ways to prevent any of these problems occurring is to fit a cage to the back of your door. This ensures that when post is delivered it does not fall straight to the ground. Cages such as these can also be fitted to walls for those that do not have their letter slot located in the door. 
For home owners that are concerned their post might be prone to damage - particularly by those with criminal intentions – there are several options to consider. For example, Anti-Arson mailboxes are available for those who fear that the mail in their letter box is at risk of being set alight. Made from very strong material, these high quality cast aluminium mailboxes are fitted with fire extinguishers that activate when the temperature in the box reaches a specific level. An additional benefit of having this type of mail box is that, should the extinguisher be activated, the area surrounding the mail box is also protected by preventing the fire from spreading any further.
Identity theft is an ever-increasing threat in today’s information-centric age, and as such protecting oneself from such a potentially devastating crime is incredibly important. Most people are aware of the importance of shredding or destroying documents that contain personal information such as bills and bank statements once they are no longer needed. An additional and more proactive form of protection is to ensure that mail cannot be stolen from your property once it has been delivered before you are able to retrieve it. This can be accomplished by the fitting of a lockable mailbox, which is available in all types of designs and sizes, from those that affix to the wall adjacent to the front door of the property, to a stylish high quality cast aluminium unit that can be fixed to a post at the boundary between the property and roadside. Only those in possession of a key can unlock and retrieve the mail that the postman has delivered. Additional safety features available for this type of box include an anti-tamper plate, which prevents people from being able to take the mail from the front postal slot on the box.

 Shown below are examples of Lettasafe secure post boxes

Postbox Fitted Securely to Railings




Lettasafe postbox fiied securely into railings, the mail is safely stored in the letterbox with the lockablle door the other side of the railings for additional security. Click on the letterbox image for more imformation on this postbox


Lettasafe Postbox Securely fiitted into a wall




Front opening postbox shown fitted securely into a wall, this mailbox is also available with a rear retrievel door, enabling your mail to be posted through the front and securely stored within the brick cavity before being retrieved from the rear of the post box. Click on the lette rbox for more details on this model.





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