"Absolutely delighted with my Lettasafe postbox"
Rachael, Canvey Island
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Posboxes at affordable prices

Beautiful Postboxes at Affordable Prices   The choice between something affordable and presentable and something expensive and beautiful has been hounding buyers ever since the start of commercial trade. Whether you’re choosing to buy a car, clothes, jewelry or anything you have to show off, you have to weigh your choice very carefully.   But thankfully enough when ...

Beautiful Postboxes for Your Home

Beautiful Postboxes for Your Home   Congratulations! You’ve finally built or bought your dream house, and now you want the best-looking mailbox or parcel box to complete the look.   Don’t settle for those cheap thin metal ones. Lettasafe has the perfect external letter boxes for your home and at affordable rates as well.   Just what type of mailbox are you looking for and where do you want to put it? Does it look best in the gate? ...

Get the right postbox for your budget

Get the Right Postbox for Your Budget   Your house is your castle, no matter how humble it may be and you want it to look its very best.   Have you always wanted a beautiful postbox for your house but thought they were way off your budget? Think again. Obviously you have not heard of Lettasafe.   Take a look at our mailbox and parcel box designs. We assure you that you shall find the model that’s right not just for your home but also your ...

Have an Great Looking Postbox

Have an Awesome Looking Postbox   Splendid! You’ve made it to the top and you’re able to stay there. Now you want something to show for it. Since you already have a big beautiful house, a posh car and fine clothes what else can you possibly get for yourself?   How about getting the best-looking postbox your money can buy? Nothing says “fancy” like an elegant postbox gracing the front of your property.   Lettasafe has the ...

Have the best looking Postbox in the Village

Have the Best-Looking Postbox in Your Village   Of course you will never admit it but sometimes it happens to you; petty jealousy. You look over at your neighbour’s house and notice he has made those little improvements and additions that make his property just a little bit better-looking than yours.   But no, you just don’t look at the house. You notice that his car has a new paint job, that his yard is greener or that his garden gnome is more ...

What your Postbox says about you

What Your Postbox Says About You   There are over seven billion human beings on the planet yet each one of us is unique. No two of us are the same in character, personality and most certainly not in style.   So who says you have to follow what is the latest trend in music, or fashion, or house design or in anything at all?   You see a row of mailboxes in your street and they all look the same, do you order the same postbox just to fit in? If your ...

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