"Ample Capacity and very functional postbox"
Rob, London
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How to order your LS05 Postbox for Metal Gates and Railings

Helpful tips for ordering an LS05 post box for fitting into metal gates and railings

 Choose your postbox colour

Letterbox colour 

Select one of the 4 letterbox colours.  



Choose your postbox case size (the depth from front to back)


Standard Depth Case

The standard letterbox case depth is 215mm deep and is a perfect size for fitting into gates and railings. The generous 25 litre capacity is adequate for most households or small businesses. Select the Standard Depth Case option for this size.

Standard Letterbox 
Custom Size Letterbox 

Extended Case Depths

For larger capacities the depth of the postbox case can be extended.

Although the letter box case depth can be increased to 900mm, Lettasafe recommend a maximum case size of 300mm when fitted into metal gates or railings.

To order a custom depth case select the Custom Depth option, a text box will appear underneath, enter the case depth required in millimetres into this box.




Add extra features to your postbox

 Anti Theft Postbox Restrictor Plate

Anti Theft Restrictor Plate

For additional security, your post box can be fitted with an anti theft restrictor plate. The plate is secured inside the postbox to prevent small hands getting inside. If required, select the Anti Theft Restrictor Plate option.

Anti Theft Postbox Restrictor Plate 
Letterbox Number 

House Name or Number 

Your postbox can be personalised with a house name or number in a choice of colours. To order, select the required option; a text box will appear below the option. Enter the property number or name followed by the colour in brackets.

i.e. TWINWOOD HOUSE (Gold) or 2 (White)

Letter colours available are White, Gold, Silver or Cream 

Letterbox Name 


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