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Letterbox Centre Sleeve Manufacture

Workshop Facility use to Manufacture Mailboxes Lettasafe take great care in the manufacture of their mailboxes. The centre sleeve is manufactured from zintec coated steel, this makes it more resistive to corrosion and longer lasting. Show below are some of the processes used to manufacture the centre sleeve of our range of postboxes.



Image to the right shows the workshop facility used to manufacture our Mailbox sleeves.




  Engineers discuss material sizes




Engineers discuss material sizes.






Folding Letterbox Centre Sleeve





The mailbox sleeve is shaped by cnc folders.






Post box sleeves starts to take shape





The post box sleeve  starts to take shape






 The bottom of postbox sleeve is attached




Now the bottom of the postbox sleeve is attached






Letterbox sleeve bottom being welded into place





The postbox bottom is welded into place





 Letterbox sleeve being cleaned




Finally the rough edges are cleaned up. The mailbox sleeve is now ready for pre-treatment before having the powder coat enamel baked on.









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