"Well thought out design, perfect mailbox for me"
P. Ratcliffe, Cheshire
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Through Wall Letter Box

Through wall letterbox


  • Key Lockable at rear
  • Less Prone to Theft
  • Mail Retrieved Securely From the Rear
  • Securely fits through a brick wall
  • Extra Security Anti Theft Restrictor Plate Available

Lettasafe manufacture a range of through the wall letterboxes.The main advantage of this type of postbox is that they are more secure. In addition, through wall mailboxes have the benefit of you not needing to leave your gates open or your property accessible, your postman can post your mail securely into your post box without the need to enter into your property. Both the Kingsbury and Bloomsbury mail boxes are available in through wall versions, in addition the more discreet Stamford postbox is designed to fit through brick walls and piers.

The mailbox shown is a Bloomsbury rear retrieval mail box fitted through a brick wall. Click the letterbox image for more details.

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