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Get the right postbox for your budget

Get the Right Postbox for Your Budget


Your house is your castle, no matter how humble it may be and you want it to look its very best.


Have you always wanted a beautiful postbox for your house but thought they were way off your budget? Think again. Obviously you have not heard of Lettasafe.


Take a look at our mailbox and parcel box designs. We assure you that you shall find the model that’s right not just for your home but also your budget.


Why Lettasafe?


Lettasafe is the leading U.K. based manufacturer of mailboxes and parcel postboxes for the United Kingdom. When it comes to our products we know that quality need not be above the price range of middle class.


Lettasafe has the best models you can afford


So you’re neither prince nor pauper? Don’t worry, you’re sure to find something in your budget range that’s still fit for a king.


First up, where do you want your letterbox?


If you want them on the walls we have the Bloomsbury and the Kingsbury models. Don’t be misled by the ‘king’ in Kingsbury, these models won’t cost you an arm or a leg.


Maybe you don’t want your postal box on the wall and you would rather have it in a brick pier. For that, in addition to the Bloomsbury and Kingsbury postboxes, we have the Oakley through wall letter chute and Highway through wall letter chute models. Aside from the standard case size these two models also have an extended version that can be used in double brick walls.


The Bloomsbury and Kingsbury models also come as free standing models if you want to set your external postbox apart from the rest of the home.


Virtually all of our models can be custom specified for size to allow them to fit into various spaces. If you want to save yourself the trouble we can also insert your name or house number on your postbox before we deliver it to you.


A Lettasafe postbox is a steal of a deal


A Lettasafe letterbox is actually a two-in-one bargain. This is because or products are not just built to be beautiful, they are also built to be tough.


How tough you say? Our castings are made from strong and thick LM6 grade aluminum finished with a coat of powdered enamel for even more durability. Our interiors are fitted with rubber linings to make sure the elements will not get to your mail.


When we say elements we do not just mean nature’s elements, our secure letterboxes also keep out the criminal elements as well.


Not enough for you? We also have security features like locks, anti-theft restrictor plate and a digital keypad.


Allow us three to five days for delivery after we conclude with your order specifications and payment details. No hidden fees will be charged to you. Lettasafe stands by the quality of its mailboxes. Our manufacturer’s guarantee lets you have three years to return for repair products found defective due to faulty workmanship.


Remember that you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to be able to buy a postbox. A beautiful design does not have to be out of your reach. Order your Lettasafe postbox today!

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