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Old Cast Iron Post Boxes

Old cast iron postboxes

While it might seem like a novel and quirky idea to use an old Post Office box as your home letterbox, in reality it is an idea best avoided. The most obvious reason not to opt for a Post Office box is that people may confuse it with an official Post Office mailbox and post their own private mail into it.

In recent years, Old Post Office mailboxes, especially those that fit directly into a wall, have become sought after collectors’ items, with each one selling for several hundred pounds at today’s rates. Aside from the novelty aspects of a Royal Mail postbox, what makes them particularly attractive to collectors is the Royal Cypher on each model, detailing which monarch was reigning at the time that model was produced. The rarest boxes are those bearing the initials VR for Queen Victoria, with just a handful surviving. In stark contrast are the mailboxes that bear the EIIR cypher for our current Queen; to date there have been more than 20,000 produced.

While the novelty factor and historic value are two major reasons why some people might consider purchasing a Royal Mail post box for their property, another is security. Royal Mail postboxes are incredibly strong (made from cast iron), designed to be tamper-proof; anybody that attempts to take reach into the box and take any mail will find a serrated hand guard preventing them from doing so. They are also water-proof and, to a certain extent, bomb proof (one of the only things not to be damaged during the 1996 bombing in Manchester City Centre was a Royal Mail postbox).

If security and classic design are your main reasons for wanting to install a Royal Mail letterbox, then it is worthwhile looking at some of the other mailboxes on the market, designed specifically for your home with both these factors in mind. At Lettasafe, we specialise in high quality cast aluminium mailboxes. And while they are produced with strength and security in mind, our mail boxes also come in a variety of stylish designs and colour options, allowing you to choose a model that best suits your own individual tastes and needs. Whether you opt for the clean and simple lines of our Bloomsbury model or the more ornate Kingsbury mailbox, our Lettasafe letterboxes are as economical and stylish as a classic Royal Mail box… with the added bonus that you can be certain nobody will mistake it for an official post box!

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