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Mrs. S. Fisher, Chelmsford
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Sending Mail has not become irrelevant

Sending Mail Has Not Become Irrelevant


Yes, it cannot be denied that we are in the age of digital technology. The fastest way to send a message to someone is either by cellular phone or email. Nobody bothers to put pen to paper anymore.


Or perhaps many still do? Think again.


Mail is still the preferred mode of communication for those without cellular phones or personal computers. All around the UK millions of people still send mail and get mail each year. Personal letters, Love letters, fan mail, bills, ad catalogues…you name it, it gets mailed. And your Mum will always prefer a warm letter and a card for her birthday rather than an email.


With a Lettasafe postbox, you can be assured your letters, mail and parcels will be kept safe from the moment these are dropped off by the postman until the time you decide to get them.


Why choose Lettasafe?


With years of experience in securing British mail and parcels Lettasafe is the UK’s leading manufacturer of mailboxes, letterboxes, and parcel boxes.


Our products are completely safe, designed for easy use by postmen and easy access by owners…but not for mail thieves, vandals or hooligans.


You can choose from models that allow you access with the simple turn of a key or others that require a code via keypad.


Our products are also made of durable aluminum and designed to withstand not just mail thieves and years of use but also the worst rain or shine all year round.


It’s not just about function…


Whether you want one for your office or home we have the right one for you. Choose from a vast design of outdoor letterboxes, through the wall letterboxes or a combination of both letterbox or parcel box if you wish.


We have designs that can be mounted on a wall, through a wall, through a post and even free standing ones. Through railings or gates? No problem. You want your mailbox to fit in a brick pier? You can have it. Or maybe you want one of those large post boxes standing in the corner? It’s your choice.


It’s also about form


Many of our designs come in different colours. Choose from black, green white or burgundy. We also offer them in various sizes and specifications, allowing them to fit snugly into brick piers, posts and walls.


Perhaps you would like features added to your postal box? Some of our models can come with an anti-theft restrictor plate and kits for easy mounting on your wall or gate. Perhaps you would rather have us deliver your item with your name and number already on it? Choose the colour of your number or text in white, gold, silver, maroon, ivory or black.


We assure you fast delivery. After a quick check of your order details and payment processing allow us three to five days to get your item to you. All our products are covered by a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee in the event of defects due to faulty workmanship.


Get a Lettasafe mailbox now! After all, opening your inbox online is still nowhere near as exciting as reaching into your postbox.

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