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Letterboxes for walls

Letterboxes for walls

What thoughts go through your head when you go to your letterbox and pick up your mail? "Junk mail, bank statements, bills, bills, and more bills", perhaps?

Bills and junk mail certainly make up the majority of the post sent in the UK and, unless you happen to be very organised and shred everything once it’s been read, it’s highly likely that you don’t pay too much attention to the security issues associated with even this type of mail.

Unfortunately, those who are not security conscious when it comes to their mail are in danger of becoming a victim of identity theft. Those that fall victim to this crime often do not realise anything untoward has happened for several weeks or months. For example, one day the victim might decide to apply for a loan, only to have their application rejected due to a bad credit rating that they never knew they had.

Identity thieves steal your mail from the point of its posting: i.e. through the letterbox. Thankfully there are several options available to help prevent becoming a victim of this form of crime. Firstly, simple measures, such as applying for paperless billing with your bill supplier (if it is available) and endeavouring to pick up the post as soon after it has been delivered as is possible, are both steps that will significantly reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of identity theft. If neither of these options is feasible, then looking at changing the type of letterbox you use is the next logical step, as the standard slot-in-the-door type letterbox falls victim to crime more often than a secure unit. There are several different types of secure box available, including a simple lockable mail box that can be fitted to an external wall, a secure letter box affixed to a post on the boundary between your garden and the road, and a mailbox that can be fitted into a wall.

The option of fitting a mail box inside a wall is ideal if you live in a rural area, a wall marks the boundary around your property, or if access to your property is made through a gate. Wall letterboxes can be fitted to single brick, double brick, or cavity brick walls and brick piers. With units fitted to piers or cavity brick walls, the main mail holding area is fitted within the wall itself, ensuring extra security. The only way to access the mail is through a lockable door fitted flush against the brickwork. Attempts by thieves to access the mail through the front slot are blocked by a restrictor bar located inside the unit.

While much of the unit may be encased inside a wall (except for single brick walls), the letter plate will be on show, allowing for many different finish options including chrome, brushed chrome and polished brass. All of our mailboxes are made using high quality cast aluminium ensuring that, once fitted, you are left with a mailbox that is secure and can withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

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