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What does your Letterbox say about you

Making a statement with your Mailbox

For many people, their home style reflects the type of person they are. Some people like a minimalistic interior with pale, cool colours on the walls, modern furniture with clean lines and very little clutter on show. Others may prefer a cosier French country cottage style, with ornaments dotted about, book cases stuffed with well-read paperbacks, paintings on the walls, and throws over the sofa and armchairs.

Of course, it is not just how the interior of our home looks that gives visitors an indication of the type of person we are; the exterior of our property - be it a small area made up of concrete blocks and a few pot plants, or a luscious lawn with borders of roses - is just as important when it comes to defining who we are, and the post box is no exception.

At Lettasafe we have a wide selection of letter box styles to suit your own individual tastes. For the person whose home exudes the cosy and warm cottage style, then a more traditional style mail box might be a good option; our Kingsbury and Bloomsbury models fit into this category. For the person who likes clean, simple lines and no clutter, then our Thames, Stamford or Chelsea ranges are certainly worth considering.

When choosing a letter box for your home, think about how it fits in with the style of your garden and the rest of the property. After all, a letter box that does not fit in with the general aesthetic of your garden will look very much out of place. Additionally, how you look after and maintain your letter box is also important. For example, if your garden lawn is always beautifully tended to and the shrubs and flowers are kept in an immaculate state, then a letter box with a damaged hinge and areas of rust is going to look very much out of place.

Our high quality cast aluminium mailboxes are designed with your needs in mind. Made with a very strong and durable metal, our letterboxes can be inscribed with your house name or number and are available in a variety of colour options and finishes. The Kingsbury range has a number of colour options available including black, green, white and burgundy. We also offer several finishes from which to choose, such as brushed or polished chrome, textured black and polished brass (check out our simple and elegant Stamford Rear Access Mailbox as an example).

Regardless of what type of person you are, be it someone who is incredibly organised and efficient and dislikes any clutter, or someone who is warm, relaxed and likes a more cosy environment in which to immerse themselves, at Lettasafe we have the perfect letter box to suit your style.

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