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External Business Post Boxes

External Mailboxes for Business

Businesses have just as much (if not more) need for a mailbox as a homeowner. The difference, however, is that while a residential mailbox might only be designed to receive a few items daily, a business post box needs to be able to accommodate much more, even if the business's operations are modest or less complex than most larger companies.

When delivering mail to a business, the postman will usually deliver to a central point, even if there is more than one intended recipient. It could be that the postman is able to take the mail directly to a receptionist, but there might be days when there is no one available to receive mail, or the building might be shut. On these occasions the postman will need to use the letter box.

A business post box needs to be able to accommodate a large quantity of mail at any one time, while also being very secure. When choosing a business postbox, it is advisable to enquire about what additional security measures are available, such as internal restrictor bars and locking doors. Todays mailboxes also offer the ability to keep your post box and its contents safe from the threat of arson with the installation of a small fire extinguisher inside the postal unit. The type of metal that is used in the construction can also help keep your post safe and secure; Lettasafe sells high quality cast aluminium mailboxes, guaranteeing a very strong and durable postal unit.

A business is more likely to receive letters and parcels of varying sizes than the average homeowner, particularly as envelopes seem to be getting bigger and bigger every day. If your business regularly receives larger envelopes, packets and small to medium sized parcels, then you might wish to consider purchasing an extra-large capacity postbox capable of holding such items. An extra-large capacity mailbox ensures that post can be held securely and safely away from theft and/or damage from the elements (such as heavy rain). An extra large capacity box typically has two sections: a top section, which will hold standard sized items such as letters and magazines, and a bottom section, which has a far greater capacity and as such can hold several parcels. The door for the bottom section is usually left open until the postman delivers the mail and, as soon as they have done so, they will shut the door, automatically locking it. Access to the parcels can then only be gained by the person in possession of the key to the unit.

Nowadays, the variety of mailbox styles available is continually expanding and mailboxes that are stylishly designed are no longer just afforded to the residential group; there are many stylish, ornate and large capacity postal systems available for businesses too.

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