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How tom install your LS16 into an existing wall

6 Steps to fitting your LS16 Oakley letter chute assembly into an existing brick wall

Letterplate and chute assembly for the Oakley letter chute

Step 1

Insert the grub screws into the threaded inserts of the letterplate then secure to the front sleeve using the 2 nylocs.

Front cutout for the Oakley letter chute

Step 2

Cut a hole 252mm wide by 77mm high at the required letterplate position as shown. Note the angle of the cut (28 degrees). Cut a notch either side of the hole as shown. Finally cut the top back 15mm perpendicular to the brickwork as shown

  • A = 20mm, the width of the notch either side of the cutout
  • B = 15mm, the depth of the bottom notch
  • H = 77mm, the overall height of the cutout
  • W = 292mm, the overall width of the cutout including the 2 notches.

The angle of the slope is 28 degrees.


Cutouts in brick wall for letter chute
Rear cutout for the Oakley letter chute

Step 3

Cut a hole in the rear face of the wall 262mm wide by 89mm high. The horizontal position of the rear cutout should be central to the front cutout. The vertical position is determined by the depth of the wall. For a standard double brick wall (215mm thick), the top of the rear hole will be approximately 107mm below the top of the front hole. For a standard cavity wall (280mm and shown in the illustration) the distance will be approximately 142mm.

  • A = 107mm for a standard double wall
  • A = 142mm for a standard double wall
  • H = 89mm, the overall height of the cutout
  • W = 262mm, the overall width of the cutout

The angle of the slopes is 28 degrees. The angle of the top of cutout should follow this as close as possible. The bottom cutout is not so critical and can be perpendicular to the wall.

Oakley letter chute securing bolts

Step 4

The rear chute has 2 sets of securing holes, the set required will depend on the depth of the wall. The diagram shows the set used for deeper walls. Place 2 nylon washers onto each of the 4 securing bolts and loosely screw into the securing holes. Position the washers as shown. 

LS16 Chute assembly

Step 5

Apply a small bead of clear silicon around the top and sides (not the bottom) of the flange on the rear section, then with the help of an assistant slide the front and rear sections together through the gaps in the wall. The securing bolts should locate in the adjustment slots of the front section. Ensure that there is a nylon washer either side of the adjustment slot as illustrated.


Tighten chute bolts

Step 6

Keeping the sections in place, tighten the 4 securing bolts.

Where the letterplate meets the wall, run a bead of clear silicon around the top and sides (not the bottom), also seal the internal join by running a bead of silicon on the inside of the chute where the front and rear sections meet.


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