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Beautiful Postboxes for Your Home

Beautiful Postboxes for Your Home


Congratulations! You’ve finally built or bought your dream house, and now you want the best-looking mailbox or parcel box to complete the look.


Don’t settle for those cheap thin metal ones. Lettasafe has the perfect external letter boxes for your home and at affordable rates as well.


Just what type of mailbox are you looking for and where do you want to put it? Does it look best in the gate? Perhaps in the wall? Or in the post? Maybe you want a mailbox that stands alone proudly on its own column?


Whatever you decide, we can provide.


What looks best for your home?


Go for wall mounted postbox, those are a classic favorite Our front retrieval Bloomsbury and Kingsbury models are sure to fit the bill nicely.


But no, you’d rather leave the wall untouched. Maybe the postbox will look good in the brick pier at the end of the wall. For this we have the Stamford Rear Access Mailbox, The Jubilee Vertical mailbox and the Oakley and Highway letter chute models in addition to our classic Bloomsbury and Kingsbury postboxes.


On second thought you want the brick pier left alone. You want the mailbox mounted on the gate or the rails. The rear retrieval Bloomsbury and Kingsbury models or the Chelsea Lockable Railing Letterbox ought to do the trick.


Ah, leave the gate alone you say, in fact leave all the structures untouched. You want a free standing mailbox. We can mount some of our mailboxes on their own support columns and you can place them wherever you fancy.


Personalize your letterbox


Our models are not one-size-fits-all. We know not all house designs are the same and many of our models can be customized to specific sizes to accommodate homeowner preferences or to fit snugly in irregular spaces.


Our letterboxes also come in various colours to match, complement, highlight – or if you wish, even contrast – the overall color scheme of your home.


No need to paint your name or house number. If you want your letterbox can be delivered to you already personalized with your address and name in attractive colours. All you have to do is ask.


Made to withstand weather and wantonness


Lettasafe postboxes don’t just look good, they are built to last. Our products are made of aluminum and coated with a powder enamel finish for durability. It can take the worst British weather has to offer.


Not just that, our letterboxes are also designed with the protection of your mail in mind. They come with safety features like locks, anti-theft plates and digital keypads designed to deter even the most persistent of vandals or mail thieves. You won’t find a more secure letterbox anywhere.


In case of defects due to labourer or manufacturer error, Lettasafe will accept products for return or repair for up to three years. Allow three to five days for the delivery of the product following confirmation of your order specifications and mode of payment.


Place your order with Lettasafe now! Your home deserves only the best outdoor letterboxes available in the market today.

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