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How to order your LS05 Postbox for a Brick Wall

Shown below are some useful tips for ordering an LS05 letterbox when being built into a brick wall.

 Choose your letterbox colour

Letterbox colour 

Select one of the 4 letterbox colours.  



Choose your letterbox case size (the depth from front to back)


Standard Depth Case

The standard letterbox case depth is designed to fit into a conventional double brick wall (215mm thick, often known as a 9 inch wall). For a standard double brick wall select the Standard Depth Case option.

If the overall depth of your wall is not between 210mm and 220mm then a custom depth case will be required.

Standard Letterbox 
Custom letterbox    
  Typical wall depths

If your wall depth is one of the standard sizes above then select the required option for your postbox otherwise specify your wall depth in millimetres as shown below.

Custom Size Letterbox 

Custom wall depths

If your wall is not one of the specific depths above then you will need to order a custom size case. To do this select the Custom Depth option, a text box will appear underneath, enter the depth of your wall in millimetres into this box.

Note the case supplied will be slightly larger than the depth of your wall, this is to allow for building tolerences and fitting into the front and rear castings.



Add extra features to your letterbox

 Anti Theft Postbox Restrictor Plate

Anti Theft Restrictor Plate

For additional security, your letter box can be fitted with an anti theft restrictor plate. The plate is secured inside the letterbox to prevent small hands getting inside. If required, select the Anti Theft Restrictor Plate option.

Anti Theft Postbox Restrictor Plate 
Letterbox Number 

House Name or Number 

Your letterbox can be personalised with a house name or number in a choice of colours. To order, select the required option; a text box will appear below the option. Enter the property number or name followed by the colour in brackets.

i.e. TWINWOOD HOUSE (Gold) or 2 (White)

Letter colours available are White, Gold, Silver or Cream 

Letterbox Name 

Contrasting Post Flap 

The post flap on your letterbox can be highlighted in a variety of colours. To order a contrasting coloured flap, select the Contrasting Postflap option and enter the colour of the of the POST lettering into the text box below.

i.e. Gold

Contrasting colours available are White, Black, Gold, Silver or Cream   

 Contrasting Letterplate

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