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Splendid! You’ve made it to the top and you’re able to stay there. Now you want something to show for it. Since you already have a big beautiful house, a posh car and fine clothes what else can you possibly get for yourself?


How about getting the best-looking postbox your money can buy? Nothing says “fancy” like an elegant postbox gracing the front of your property.


Lettasafe has the best external letterbox models available for those with an acquired taste for the finer things in life.


Why choose Lettasafe?


Lettasafe is the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of quality postal boxes and parcel delivery boxes. We’ve had years of experience in keeping UK’s mail and parcels safe.


It’s our expertise in this particular field that allows us to strike a balance between functionality and fancy where your letterbox is concerned.


So what strikes your fancy?


What type of postbox should you go for? It all depends on where you want you want it installed.


Do you just want them in the walls or your gates and railings? The Bloomsbury and Kingsbury front retrieval models ought to look nice there.


Do you want your outdoor letterbox in the brick piers? If so the Stamford Rear Access Mailbox and the Jubilee Vertical Mailbox are perfect for the job. Did we mention that the letter plate of these two models also comes in a variety of finishes including polished brass? Indeed, not everything that glitters is gold.


Perhaps you want the brick piers left alone and would rather put your mailbox in the wall? The Stamford model can be fitted to do this as would the Jubilee Vertical Mailbox model.


We also have free standing models available if you really don’t want to touch your walls or posts.


For the height of elegance perhaps you may be interested in our Thames Discreet Postal Box model. The front is made of high-quality Welsh slate and your name or house number can be carved and finished in either white or silver enamel or 23-carat gold leaf. It cannot get any fancier than that.


Most of our postbox models can be customised to size to fit preferences and come in either black, white, green or burgundy.


Poise and power


In Lettasafe postal boxes elegance and strength go together. Our models are made of high-grade aluminum and finished with a powder enamel coat for added durability and protection. The castings are fitted with rubber seals designed to keep out the weather.


But the weather is not the only thing our mailboxes keep out. Our products were designed with the safety of your mail in mind and these can have added safety features like an anti-theft restrictor plate or a digital keypad.


Lettasafe products are covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of defects to due to faulty workmanship. Products are delivered to you in three to five days after we confirm order and payment details.


Wealth may not be able to buy you everything, but it can surely buy you a postbox worthy of your stature. Order your own Lettasafe mailbox now.

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