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The Postbox A British tradition

The Postbox – A Proud English Tradition

Mail has played a big part in forming this country.

The postal service can trace its roots as far back as the 12th century when royal messengers conveyed as much as 4,500 letters from the exchequer of Henry I allowing His Majesty to effectively rule the kingdom.

In the early 15th century paper becomes available to the literate populace and letters are frequently exchanged among the more literate commoners, starting the spread of news.

In the 17th century Charles I makes the postal service available for use by the public and mail and packet carrier system is centralised following public clamor due to increasing trade and population. And the rest, you can say, is history.

Mail continues to be relevant today even with us being at the height of the technological age. Even with the most advanced communications systems like the Internet, telephones and smart phones, a business, a home or an establishment will continue to rely on mail for the delivery of packages, parcels, magazines, newspapers and other items that cannot be digitalised and sent electronically.

Lettasafe also has a history, a history of making the best outdoor letterboxes and parcel delivery boxes to secure your mail, that is.

Choose the box that’s best for you

First up we can certainly assure you, postal box design has come a long way since the revolutionary hexagonal letterbox that first came out in 1854. Whether you are choosing one for your home or business you can now choose from among a wide variety of models.

Choose for size, functionality and even where you want your mailbox placed.

Where do you want it?

Wall mounted post boxes are a classic. Our Kingsbury and Stamford models are well suited for this.

Maybe you would prefer them in the wall? Have a look at our through wall letterboxes like the Thames Discreet Postal Box, the Orwell Through Wall Letterplate or the Jubilee Vertical Mailbox.

We also have free standing versions of Bloomsbury and Kingsbury models if you want to leave your walls, post, gate or rail untouched.

Many of our designs can be customized to fit particular spaces; you only have to specify the size.

Keep your mail safe and dry

Our secure parcel boxes are made of solid zintec coated steel which is pre-treated with phosphate and finally finished with a coat of powder enamel to ensure strength and durability. Our letterbox castings also have rubber seals to make sure water does not get in. But that’s just half the story.

We don’t just keep your mail safe from the worst of the English weather, we also keep your mail safe from the worst of the English. You never know when thieves or vandals might just want your mail so it’s better to be secure. Our postal boxes have safety features like our anti-theft restrictor plate and digital keypads to ensure only you can get to your mail.

Delivery usually takes three to five days following verification of your order specifications and payment details. Our manufacturer’s guarantee also allows you three years to return our product for repair if any defects due to faulty labour are found.

As long as there are items that cannot be delivered by the telephone, mobile phone or Internet the mail and the postbox will always be relevant.

Don’t be history…or rather, make sure you are not left behind by history. Order your Lettasafe mailbox today!

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