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Home and Letterbox Security

Making your home and letterbox  more secure 

There are numerous things a person can do to help improve the security of their home –setting your intruder alarm (if you have one) whenever you leave the house and ensuring all windows and doors are closed and locked are but two examples. For security-conscious home and pet owners, it is also possible to get cat or dog flaps which lock from the inside (break ins via a pet flap has seen a sharp increase in recent years). However, there is one area of the house that is quite often overlooked when assessing home security, but it is one that should be given equal consideration: Letterboxes.

Theft from letterboxes has increased considerably in the last ten years. One of the most common types of letterbox crime is identity theft, where the burglar has been able to steal mail, such as bills and bank statements, from the letter box and then acquire passports, credit cards and even apply for loans using the details of the victim. Another type of letterbox crime is where the burglar uses an implement, such as a rod with a hook on the end, and puts it through the letterbox to reach for keys or a wallet that might be lying nearby on a table.

To prevent this type of crime there are several measures you can take, such as ensuring all keys and wallets are hidden out of view. However, to help prevent both physical and identity theft, the best option is to fit a secure mailbox. 

A secure letterbox allows for all mail to be delivered in the standard way, but in order to retrieve it one must unlock the box with a key or type in a code via a keypad which opens the unit. A suitable letter box is also one that will prevent prying hands from being able to reach inside the letter slot and take any mail, thanks to the use of an internal restrictor plate. Secure letterboxes come in all shapes, sizes and designs; there are even mail boxes that are capable of holding larger parcels securely. Secure mailboxes are made from strong metal, such as high quality cast aluminium, and are incredibly weather resistant so are able to withstand even the worst of British weather.

 Secure Postbox with a Restrictor Plate


Illustration of a Lettasafe mailbox made more secure by fitting an internal restrictor plate

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