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What your Postbox says about you

What Your Postbox Says About You


There are over seven billion human beings on the planet yet each one of us is unique. No two of us are the same in character, personality and most certainly not in style.


So who says you have to follow what is the latest trend in music, or fashion, or house design or in anything at all?


You see a row of mailboxes in your street and they all look the same, do you order the same postbox just to fit in? If your answer is ‘no’ then we cheer your spirit of individuality!


Lettasafe has various postbox designs to fit your preference, and each one is unique and has a character of its own.


Do not hide your individual style


So what’s your style? Do you go for the simple and subdued, or the loud and ostentatious?


For instance, do you prefer the letter chutes like the Highway through wall and the

Oakley and Orwell models. These may look like simple, drab ‘holes in the wall’ but their letter plates hide a neat and secure method of mail delivery.


Maybe you should go for the standard wall-mounted external letterboxes like the Bloomsbury and Kingsbury front retrieval models but with a colour that contrasts your house or the other postboxes in your street. Who’s to stop you?


Perhaps you live alone but want a large post box anyway like the Vincent Combination Letter and Parcel box just to show that you really love getting mail


Really looking to make a statement? Then go for the Thames Discreet Postal box. You can have your name carved and finished in 23-carat gold leaf into the Welsh slate front of this particular model. Discreet, yes; but also elegant.


A postbox can be more than just about style, it’s also an extension of you and your personality.


Not just style, but substance too


Don’t get us wrong. Lettasafe’s outdoor letterboxes are not all about just style it’s also about protection. Your mail is in constant danger from the weather and those who want to steal it from you.


To keep your mail from the elements our postal boxes are built of solid aluminum and finished with a powder enamel coating, making them durable enough to last a lifetime. It also has a rubber inlay to keep the water away.


To keep the thieves and vandals at bay our products can be fitted with various security devices including a digital keypad and an anti-theft restrictor plate.


After we finalize your order details and payment specifications you can have your new postbox delivered in three to five days. The Lettasafe manufacturer’s guarantee gives you three years to return for repair products found defective due to faulty labour.


Who are others to question your style? When it comes to individual taste there is really no such thing as a right or wrong choice. Choose your Lettasafe letterbox today.


If your answer had been yes to buying a similar postbox as your neighbours’…well, ask us what we can do for you.

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