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Have the best looking Postbox in the Village

Have the Best-Looking Postbox in Your Village


Of course you will never admit it but sometimes it happens to you; petty jealousy. You look over at your neighbour’s house and notice he has made those little improvements and additions that make his property just a little bit better-looking than yours.


But no, you just don’t look at the house. You notice that his car has a new paint job, that his yard is greener or that his garden gnome is more attractive


Then you look at his postbox and wish you hadn’t. And you think to yourself ‘why can’t you have a better-looking postbox than his?’


Actually, you can. If you had a Lettasafe mailbox you can be assured you have the best-looking one in the neighborhood. Unless he has a Lettasafe mail box of course, but then your's will look just as good.


A good-looking postbox


So what outdoor letterbox or parcel postbox do you think looks best for your house? We have ones that go on the wall if it feels too bare for your, even into the wall if you like.


Our Bloomsbury and Kingsbury Rear Retrieval Box models and the Chelsea Lockable Railing Box can be fitted on the gate or on the rails, letting postmen deliver from outside your property but still allowing you access from inside.


There are also models that fit on or into brick piers if you feel these are under utilised.


You can also choose a free standing letterbox all the more to get attention. Or perhaps the largest model, a combination letter and parcel box? There’s no way your neighbour can beat that.


Our models come in a variety of colors to choose from; white, black, green or burgundy.


We can also personalise your mailbox ahead of delivery. Do you want to receive your mailbox already with your name and house number? With what color? Choose between white, gold, silver, ivory, maroon or black.


Why choose Lettasafe?


Why indeed? It’s because Lettasafe is the UK’s leading manufacturer in postal boxes and parcel boxes. We’ve had years of experience in keeping British mail safe.

We stand by the quality of our products; these are covered by a three-year warranty in case of defects due to manufacturer errors.


Our secure letterboxes are made of the strongest LM6 grade aluminum coated with a powder enamel finish to make it tough. It’s designed for a lifetime of use and to resist against the worst British weather has to offer.


It’s also designed to stand up to thieves and vandals, although if you still feel like having more security we have features like locks, an anti-theft restrictor plate or a digital keypad.


In getting a Lettasafe letterbox you won’t just be making a statement in beauty. You will also be making an investment in security.


We assure fast delivery, you can have your new mailbox three to five days after we confirm your order and payment details.


Yes, we all know envy is a sin. But doesn’t it feel good to be the envy of your neighbours? Have the best-looking postbox in your street, order a Lettasafe postbox now!

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