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Bloomsbury Rear Retrieval Letterbox

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Bloomsbury Rear Retrieval Letterbox
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LS05 Rear retrievel post box

Our most popular post box the Bloomsbury rear retrieval Letterbox. Your mail is posted through the front flap and retrieved from the rear lockable secure access door.

  • Rear lockable door supplied with 2 keys
  • Optional anti theft restrictor plate
  • Letterbox case can be extended up to 900mm
  • Can be personalised with your property name or number

The LS05 range of post boxes are designed to be fitted through the following:

  Letterbox through a brick wall   Letterbox in railings   Letterbox in a brick pier   Letterbox fitted in a wooden fence
 Brick Walls Railings Brick Piers Wooden Fences

Postboxes for Brick Walls

When building your postbox into a brick wall your mail is securely stored within the cavity area allowing both the front and back castings to fit flush against the brickwork or rendering. Click here for help on ordering the LS05 mailbox for fitting through a brick wall.

Postboxes for Railings

The LS05 postbox can be built into metal gates and railings. Click here for help on ordering the LS05 mail box to fit into metal gates and railings.

LS05 Letterbox Dimensions

The dimensions are based on a standard size LS05 mailbox which is designed to fit a 9 inch brick wall. However when we manufacture custom size mailboxes it is only the depth (the distance between the front and back castings) which changes, the width and height dimensions remain the same for all size postboxes. Below there are various explanations referring to the depth of the LS05 postbox, these comments are only relevent when the letterbox is fixed into a non standard brick wall, a brick pier or if a larger capacity is required.

The standard size LS05 postbox is suitable for the following

LS05 Mailbox fixed into a standard 9 inch wall LS05 Postbox fixed into railings LS05 Letter box fitted into a wooden fence

 A standard 9" wall

 Fixed into metal railings

Fitted into a wooden fence

Shown below are the dimensions of the LS05 letterbox, all dimensions are in mm.

 Dimensions of the LS05 Letterbox

These are the overall width and height dimensions of the Bloomsbury mailbox, also shown is the distance between the front and rear castings of the postbox.

  • A = 425mm, this is the dimension of the absolute height of the front and rear castings of the Bloomsbury post box. This is bigger than the sleeve which fits between the 2 castings. the dimensions of the inner sleeve are shown below.
  • B = 295mm, this is the size of the overall width of the LS05 mailbox, as with the height dimension above, the width of the front and rear castings is greater than the width of the inner sleeve which is shown below.
  • C = 220mm, this is the distance between the front and rear castings of the postbox when fitted with a standard size sleeve. This is 5mm greater than a typical 9 inch wall which the standard sleeve is made for. The reason for this is to allow for building tolerances. All of the Lettasafe mailboxes are fitted with rubber seals along the connecting edges of the sleeve and the castings. When the letterbox is fitted together a watertight seal is formed. To guarantee that the letterbox is watertight the front and rear castings must clamp tightly with the central sleeve. Invariably brick walls and piers have some degree of tolerance and this is the reason we add an extra 5mm to the central sleeve depth.
 Standard case sizes of the LS05 Postbox

 Shown below are the dimensions of a standard size sleeve designed for a 9 inch wall.

  • A = 402mm, the distance between the bottom face of the sleeve and the top of the apex, the overall height of the letterbox sleeve is taller as the sides extend below the bottom by 13mm making a total depth of 425mm. These extensions to the sides are generally bedded into the mortar when being built into a brick wall.
  • B = 383mm, the distance between the bottom of the sleeve to the top of the side before the apex begins. The apex of the sleeve rises 20mm from the side to the peak in the centre.
  • C = 397mm, the dimension of the side of the sleeve from the very bottom to the lower point of the top apex.
  • D = 230mm, the depth of the standard size sleeve. We can manufacture sleeves up to 900mm deep. When the letterbox is being fitted into a brick wall, this dimension is always 15mm bigger than the depth of the wall. The reason for this is that both of the front and rear castings have a 5mm groove for the sleeve to slot into and 5mm is to allow for building tolerances, making 15mm in all.
  • E = 275mm, this is the width of the sleeve.
  • F = 13mm, this dimension is the distance between the bottom of the sides and the floor of the mailbox sleeve.
 Overall depth of the LS05 Mailbox

 Side dimensions of the standard size LS05 postbox.

  • A = 293mm, This is the overall distance from the very front of the post flap to the hinge casting on the rear retrieval door. This is an important dimension when the letterbox is being fitted into electric sliding gates. The overall depth is the case size + 63mm.
  • B = 220, The distance between the faces of the front and rear postbox castings. This dimension is always 5mm larger than the depth of the wall and is to allow for building tolerances.
Lettasafe LS05 Letter Box Flap opening dimensions

 These are the sizes of the postbox flap entrance.

  • A = 230mm, this is the overall width of the post flap entrance, the casting of the postbox flap has 2 small inserts at the bottom to house rubber stops. These are used to protect the letterbox post flap from damage when allowed to slam shut. The sizes of these inserts are about 10mm square
  • B = 57mm, this is the height of the letter flap opening.

The size of the postbox opening is quite adequate for A4 or larger pacels and packages. A telephone directory size parcel will easily fit through the letterbox opening.

 Dimensions of the LS05 Postbox Retrieval Door

Below are the dimensions of the rear access door of the LS05 Bloomsbury rear retrieval postbox.

  • A = 180mm, this is the width of the rear retrieval doorway
  • B = 185mm, this is the height of the rear door entrance

The diagonal distance of the letterbox opening is 257mm, easily big enough to remove A4 or large packages. A telephone directory sized package can be removed from the letterbox without needing to be bent in any way.


Shipping weight:

8kg for standard size model.

Overal dimensions:

295mm wide, 425mm high, 250mm deep (front to back, this can be extended up to 900mm)


The front and rear castings including the door and flap are cast from pure aluminium in English foundries, whilst the main body is made from sturdy electro zinc coated steel. To ensure it's long lasting appeal, these components are thoroughly cleaned and primed before being phosphate treated and coated in a durable top quality low bake enamel in a choice of colours. All additional components (excluding lock) used are made from solid brass or stainless steel and assembled in England.

Rear retrieval built-in box
Fence Fixing Kit


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