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Highway through wall letter chute

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Highway through wall letter chute
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LS17 Highway vertical letter chute

The Highway letter chute is a neat and robust solution for mail delivery through a narrow space in a brick wall.

  • Models available for walls depths from 215mm to 485mm thick
  • Choice of polished and brushed chrome, textured black or polished brass letter plates
  • Ideal solution for narrow brick piers
  • Simple, neat solution for securely transferring mail through a brick wall or pier
  • Optional waterproof collection box available
 Higway letter chute fully extended  Section of Highway letter chute fully extended  LS17 Letter chute in a double brick wall  Rear view of collection box
Standard model (350mm) Extended model (485mm) Fitted in a double brick wall Optional collection box

The LS17 Highway is an adjustable vertical letter chute system designed for wall or brick pier depths from 215mm to 485mm. The letter chute system is an ideal solution for transferring mail though a narrow space or brick pier. The mail can be transferred to your own container or our optional collection box. The optional collection box is lockable and supplied with 2 keys, it has been specially designed for the Highway and is totally waterproof.


Models for brick wall or pier depths from 215mm to 485mm

The Highway letter chute system is available in 2 models, both are fully adjustable, the standard model is suitable for fitting into brick walls or piers walls from 215mm to 350mm in depth, the extended model is designed for brick walls or piers from 350mm to 485mm deep. The two halves of the chute assembly concertina together to the correct thickness of your brick wall or pier. There are 4 clamping bolts which neatly hold the sections in place.


Optional collection box.

Front view of slim collection box Rear view of standard size collection box

An optional waterproof collection box is available for both size models, the collection box is lockable and is supplied with 2 keys.

There is a choice of 3 depths available (the distance from the front to the back).

  • Slim:- 150mm deep
  • Standard:- 230mm deep
  • Extended:- 350mm deep

The widths of all models is 295mm and the height is 425mm. The collection boxes are available in a choice of black or white with a gloss or textured finish.

Front view Rear view


LS17 Letterbox Dimensions

The Highway through the wall chute is adjustable and is designed to fit walls between 215mm and 485mm. Available in 2 models, the standard model fits brick walls or piers between 215 and 350mm, the extended model is for walls from 350mm to 485mm.

Shown below are the dimensions of the LS17 through wall chute system, all dimensions are in mm.

 Dimensions of the Brass Letterplate

These are the dimensions of the post flap supplied with the LS17. This post flap is shown in brass but is also available in textured black and polished or brushed chrome.

  • A = 305mm, the overall width of the letterplate.
  • B = 96mm, this dimension is the overall height of the letterplate.
  • C = 57mm, the height of the letterplate orifice.
  • D = 233mm, the width of the letterplate orifice 
 LS17 rear opening dimensions

 Shown below are the dimensions of the rear opening of the LS17 Chute assembly.

  • A = 79mm, the inside width of the rear opening.
  • B = 275mm, this dimension is inside height of the rear opening.
  • C = 109mm, the overall width of the rear opening.
  • D = 305mm, this is the overall height of the rear opening, the surround has a 15mm border.
 Minimum depth of LS17 chute assembly

The LS17 chute assembly is available in a Standard and an Extended model, the Standard model can be adjusted to accommodate brick wall or pier thicknesses from 215mm to 350mm and the Extended model is suitable for wall or pier depths from 350mm to 485mm Shown below is a section showing the minimum wall thickness of the Standard model.

  • D = 215mm, this is the minimum depth of brick wall that can accomodate the chute assembly of the Standard model.
  • D = 350mm, the minimum brick wall or pier depth of the Extended model.
Maximum depth of LS17 chute assembly


  • D = 350mm, this is the maximum depth of brick wall or pier for the Standard model.
  • D = 485mm, the maximum brick pier of wall depth for the Extended model.






 LS17 Postbox chute dimensions These are the dimensions of the outer (rear) chute. This assembly slides over the inner chute which is attached to the letterplate.
  • H = 281mm, the height of the chute assembly which fits inside the wall
  • W = 85mm this is the width of the chute assembly




LS17 Installation and Assembly Instructions

The LS17 Highway through the wall letter chute is designed to be installed into brick walls or brick piers from 215mm thick up to a depth of 485mm. The letterbox can be fitted into an existing brick wall or installed as the wall is being built.

Shown to the right is an illustration of the standard postal chute assembly at it's minimum depth of 215mm fitted in a double brick wall. Far right the optional collection box.

Click here for installation instructions into an existing brick wall.

Click here for instructions to install the letter chute into a wall as it it is being built.

Click here for the optional Collection Box fitting instructions.


 Minimum depth 215mm

Optional Collection Box

 LS17 Highway letter chute in a double brick wall Optional collection box


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