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Cambridge Rear Retrieval Postbox

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Cambridge Rear Retrieval Postbox
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Standard Depth Case
1½ Brick Wall
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Chute for thin fences up to 35mm thick
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Single brick chute for walls 85-135mm thick
Single Wall 85-135mm
The chute goes through the outer skin of bricks with the collection box built in to the pier
For existing walls 195-245mm thick
Sloped 195-245mm
For existing walls 285-335mm thick
Sloped 285-335mm
For walls being built 195-245mm thick
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For walls being built 285-335mm thick
Stepped 285-335mm
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The stylish new Cambridge mailbox.

Your mail is delivered through the wall via a heavy duty chute attached to our specially made 100% weatherproof letter plate and contained in a sealed storage box with a rear lockable access door.

Designed to be fitted through:

  • Single brick walls
  • Double or cavity brick walls
  • Brick piers.
  • Fences

When built into a cavity wall or pier, the mail is securely stored within the cavity area allowing both the front letterplate and back casting to fit flush against the brickwork or rendering.

  • Extremely secure design
  • Standard size has ample capacity for all your mail and newspapers
  • Customised case sizes available to fit any depth wall or pier up to 1000mm
  • Choice of coloured letter plates
  • Supplied complete with 2 keys
  • Optional draught excluder

Sloped chutes are intended for existing whereas stepped chutes are made to be fitted into walls being built.

For externally mounted collection boxes the largest size we recommend is the 2 brick size. For surface mounted boxes larger than this additional support may be required.

LS23 Letterbox Dimensions

The Cambridge mailbox is designed to be installed into single, double and cavity brick walls in addition to brick piers up to 1000mm thick. There are different fittings depending on the depth of the wall or pier. The dimensions of all the fittings are shown below.

Shown below are the dimensions of all the Cambridge postbox models. Dimensions are in mm

Letter plate

These are the dimensions of the post flap supplied with the LS23.

  • A = 315mm, the overall width of the letterplate.
  • B = 128mm, this dimension is the overall height of the letterplate.
  • C = 57mm, the height of the letterplate orifice.
  • D = 230mm, the width of the letterplate orifice
LS10 Stamford Mailbox dimensions

Collection Box

The collection is located within the cavity area when fitted into a brick wall or pier, for a double or cavity wall the box is located at the rear.

  • A = 80mm, the height of the opening.
  • B = 250mm, the width of the opening.
  • D = 242mm, the overall depth of the standard size collection box, used for single, double or cavity brick walls. See below for details of sizes for cases to fit deeper walls or piers.
  • H = 425mm, the overall height of the collection box.
  • W = 295mm, this dimension is the overall width of the collection box.
  • X = 286mm, the distance from the bottom of the letterbox casting to the bottom of the letter opening for a single wall depth chute.
Stamford postbox sleeve dimensions

Collection Box Sleeve

Shown below are the dimensions of the inner sleeve of the standard size collection box.

  • A = 402mm, the distance between the bottom face of the sleeve and the top of the apex, the overall height of the letterbox sleeve is taller as the sides extend below the bottom by 13mm making a total depth of 425mm. These extensions to the sides are generally bedded into the mortar when being built into a brick wall or pier.
  • B = 383mm, the distance between the bottom of the sleeve to the top of the side before the apex begins. The apex of the sleeve rises 20mm from the side to the peak in the centre.
  • C = 397mm, the dimension of the side of the sleeve from the very bottom to the lower point of the top apex.
  • D = 230mm, the depth of the standard size sleeve. See below for details of sizes for cases to fit deeper walls or piers.
  • E = 275mm, this is the width of the sleeve.
  • F = 13mm, this dimension is the distance between the bottom of the sides and the floor of the mailbox sleeve.
Dimensions of the LS05 Postbox Retrieval Door


Rear Access Door

Below are the dimensions of the rear access door of the LS23 Cambridge rear retrieval postbox.

  • A = 180mm, this is the width of the rear retrieval doorway
  • B = 185mm, this is the height of the rear door entrance

The diagonal distance of the letterbox opening is 257mm, easily big enough to remove A4 or large packages. A telephone directory sized package can be removed from the letterbox without needing to be bent in any way.

Stamford posbox in wall

Sleeves for deeper walls

The standard case size is designed for single, double or cavity walls and 1½ brick* walls or piers. In addition we have standard size cases for 2, 2½ and 3 brick* walls. For other depth walls or piers we will need to manufacture a sleeve to suit. To make the correct size we require two dimensions as shown below. 

  • A, the thickness of the brick (this is 102mm for a standard metric brick).
  • B, the overall depth of the wall or pier from the outside faces.

* Based on a standard metric brick (215mm)



Chute dimensions for use with Lettasafe letter plates


LS23 Cambridge fitting instructions


Lettasafe, Unit 4 MB Site,, Norwich Road, Norwich, , NR13 4EZ, telephone: 01493 753 288