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Replica Postboxes

 Replica Postbox




Replica postboxes are used in a wide variety of applications and locations, this replica of the conventional pillar box which is still widely used around Great Britian was pictured in Potters Holiday Village near Great Yarmouth. Although pillar boxes are in demise, the nostalga surrounding the originals and the ability to easily spot the good old postbox make these as popular as they have ever been.

This type of post box is often a choice of owners or large estates for delivery of their own mail. However using this type of postbox to receive your mail can cause problems as passers by have mistaken the private mailbox as a genuine post office pillar box and posted their own mail inside for collection by the royal mail. The owner of the post box receiving more mail than they intended. With one poor sole the problem was so great that he ended up removing the pillar box and fitting a more conventional free standing letterbox in it's place.




Lettasafe manufacture a range of free standing postboxes as shown below.

LS02 Free Standing Letterbox LS04 Free Standing Letterbox  LS06 Free Standing Letterbox  LS08 Free Standing Letterbox
 LS02 Kingsbury rear opening free standing mailbox.  LS04 Kingsbury frontopening free standing mailbox.   LS06 Bloomsbury rear opening free standing mailbox.   LS06 Bloomsbury front opening free standing mailbox. 




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