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Stamford Letterbox being built into a brick pier

Building the Stamford Postbox into a brick pier

  Stamford letterbox being built into a brick pier


The proceedure for building a Stamford postbox into a brick pier is quite simple.

To begin with Lettasafe will manufacture the mailbox case to suit the depth of your pier.

In this installation the base of the pier is built up to the level of the Stamford postbox. A support will be needed at front of the cavity to hold up the front of the postbox case. The rear of the etterbox will rest on the back wall of the pier.


 Stamford postbox being fitted into a brick pier






 The letterbox is placed in position and the brickwork is built up to the height of the mailbox apperture.

 Note that in this construction the delivery chute is resting in place in the postbox apperture.


Stamford mailbox built into a brick pier 





The front letter plate of the mailbox is attached to the delivery chute which is then rested in position. The brickwork is then built around the chute which is then held in position using the unique clamping mechanism.

Finally the brickwork is built up to the final level and the pier capped.







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