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Putting a Mailbox Through a Wall

Putting a mailbox through a wall

There are many different styles of letterbox available nowadays, and some might be more suited to your needs than others. For instance, if you live in a rural location and your house is some distance from the main road, you may wish to consider opting for a letterbox that is fixed to a post or fence. However, if you live in a property where the distance between home and road is minimal, then it would be normal to have a mailbox located either in or near your front door.

If your property falls into the latter category, then it’s possible that you are very aware of the security issues that come with having a slot-in-the-door type of letterbox. One type of crime that is currently on the rise is identity theft, and one of the most common methods criminals use to carry it out is by stealing mail containing your personal details (a phone bill, credit card statement etc) directly from your letterbox. Identity theft is sometimes referred to as the ‘silent crime’, as quite often the victim is not even aware that a theft has taken place until they try to legitimately apply for a loan or other type of credit, only to find that they have a bad credit rating through no obvious fault of their own.

There are options available to you if you want to have a mailbox attached to your property but perhaps do not wish to use the slot-in-the-door option. One of the most secure options available is a ‘through the wall’ mailbox. This type of letterbox allows the postman to deliver the mail outside as normal, but retrieval takes place by the opening of a lockable door at the back of the wall inside the property. Additional security features come in the form of an anti-tamper device just behind the front letter plate aperture. This ‘internal restrictor plate’ prevents anyone from being able to reach inside the letter box from the outside; only people in possession of the correct key can gain entry to the mail collection area.

Lettasafe has a wide range of high quality cast aluminium mailboxes available, many of which are designed to be fitted through a wall. For those looking for an ornate and grandly designed mailbox, then the Kingsbury Rear Retrieval box is ideal. On the other hand, the Bloomsbury, Stamford and Thames models are prefect options for someone who wants a more minimal and defined look. No matter what style you choose - be it front or rear retrieval - with a through-the-wall-letter box you can be certain that your mail is kept safe and secure until you are able to collect it.

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