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The location of your letterbox

The Location of your mailbox

Despite of the amount of information now being delivered via email and other forms of digital communication, it is estimated that the Royal Mail still delivers over 72 million letters and parcels every day, with that number increasing fourfold on occasions such as Christmas. Having a letter box at your property and placing it in a suitable location makes the job of delivering mail a much easier one for your postman, be they the one who delivers to you year round or one of the many temporary postal workers taken on at Christmas.

Normally the type of property you live in dictates the type of letterbox you have and where it is located on your property. For those living in a row of terraced houses, it would be normal to see a mail box slot making up part of the front door, or perhaps a secure lockable letter box attached to the front wall adjacent to the main entry door. Unless it is the standard for the street you live in, it is not advisable to have your letter box located at the rear of your property.

Homes that are lucky enough to have a large front garden, long driveway or gate, might position their post box on the boundary between garden and pavement, by fitting it either on a post or wall. In remote locations, properties such as farms may not use a letterbox at all, with the postman knowing the designated area for mail deliveries.

If you are thinking about having a new letterbox installed on your property then there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost should be access; positioning your mailbox in an area that is easy to gain access to will be of great benefit to both you and the mailman. Secondly, think about security; if your mail box is to be located on the boundary of your property or an external wall, then a lockable box that is both tamper and arson proof is highly advisable.

When thinking about possible locations for your letter box, take into consideration the delivery method a postman would use. By sympathetically placing the box in a spot that is easy to locate and gain access to, it will make their job much easier.

Modern mailboxes are made from strong and sturdy materials. At Lettasafe we specialise in high quality cast aluminium mail boxes, so no matter what our ever-changing British weather might bring, one of our high quality mail boxes will last you for many years. Additionally, our mailboxes are available in a variety of stylish designs, from the simple and understated Chelsea and Bloombsury designs through to the more ornate Kinsbury design. So, no matter where you decide to locate your new mail box, we have one that will suit your needs and style.


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