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Residential Mailboxes

Residential Mailboxes

Not simply a functional item of décor, a residential letterbox gives homeowners the added security and peace of mind that their mail is safely stored away from prying eyes and damage from the elements, between delivery and the time the mail can be retrieved.

Over the years the humble mailbox has grown from a simple slot-in-the-door affair to a highly decorative, yet incredibly strong unit affixed to a post at the bottom of a driveway. There are also industrial yet stylish standalone units that can house not just standard letters, but also larger items such as parcels. Simply put, there is a mailbox available that can suit your own individual requirements, without compromising on style.

A modern day residential letter box should be constructed from a strong and durable metal, and the most common metals used today are steel, aluminium and iron. Lettasafe are specialists in high quality cast aluminium mailboxes and we offer customers a range of quality residential mail boxes that are strong enough to withstand the worst of the UK’s weather, be it a blizzard, flood or extreme summer heat. In addition to the front or back retrieval panels being securely locked, a Lettasafe residential mailbox is also fitted with an anti tamper system, such as an internal restrictor bar that prevents prying hands from reaching in and grabbing any post that might be lying there. An additional anti tamper measure that can be fitted is a fire extinguisher which, once activated, protects not just the inside of the mail box but also the immediate area surrounding it. The fire extinguisher is activated once the internal temperature of the letterbox reaches a certain level.

While providing a much needed functional service, a residential letterbox need not be lacking in style. Indeed, Lettasafe offers many stylish options available to the homeowner. Lettasafe’s mail boxes come in a variety of styles including the ornately decorated Kingsbury range and the sleek Bloomsbury with its strong lines. Additionally, these ranges come in a variety of colour options so you do not need to stick to a standard black letter box. Mail box colour options include green, burgundy, black and white. Some mailboxes have different options available for the finish of the letter plate, including brushed chrome, textured black, polished brass and polished chrome.

Regardless of how your garden is laid out or how your home is decorated, Lettasafe can offer you a residential mailbox that will blend in with your home’s surroundings.

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