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Protect your Mail from Theft

Protect Your Mail From Theft


You can never be too secure when it comes to your mail. Thieves and opportunists can strike at a moment’s notice and get your letters, mail, parcels and even your magazines.


Such characters may not only be after items. They can be after your identity as well. Credit card bills hold vital information that can be used to make purchases on your behalf and without your knowledge. Data they can get from your mail, letters and even your magazine subscriptions can also be used to clone your identity.


Why risk the safety of your mail?


With a Lettasafe mailbox you can rest easy knowing that unsavory characters can never get to your letters, mail, bills or parcels no matter how hard they try.


Lettasafe knows about safety


Don’t entrust your mail to a thin metal mailbox, those are practically magnets for theft.


Lettasafe has been making strong, durable and lasting mailboxes, letterboxes, postboxes and parcel delivery boxes for many years now. Our products are made of durable aluminum and zintec coated steel all pre-treated and coated with a low-bake powder enamel finish to make sure they last.


We don’t just design our products to keep your mail safe from the wrong hands, we also ensure your mail is protected from the weather.


A mailbox, not a chain mail box


Just because a letterbox has to be safe, durable and strong does not mean it has to look austere and imposing! Lettasafe postboxes can be tough while looking stylish, elegant and not out of place in your home or workplace.


They also come in a variety of colours; choose between black, white, green and burgundy.


Many designs to choose from


Let’s say you cannot be assured or your fears put to rest. You may be interested in the Bloomsbury Rear Retrieval Box, Chelsea Lockable Railing Letterbox and the Kingsbury Rear Retrieval Box models as these can only be accessed by owners from behind.


Maybe you would rather not risk having an external letterbox or a wall-mounted postbox sticking out of your wall or your post like a sore thumb. We have other through wall letterbox designs like the Stamford Rear Access, the Jubilee vertical models and the Oakley letter chute models that fit into the wall, brick pier or post, becoming less of an inviting target to thieves.


Still not assured? We have parcel boxes that can also come with safety features like an anti-theft restrictor plate and other features like specialized locks or a digital keypad.


We stand by the quality of our products. Each one comes with a three–year warranty if any manufacturing defects are discovered. Allow us three to five days for delivery after confirming your order details and mode of payment.


Don’t take any chances! Remember that sometimes a secure letterbox can mean the only difference between an unpaid utility, getting billed for something you never ordered, missing an invitation to a life-changing event or a lost love letter.


Secure your mail, keep your information private and put your mind at ease. Send for your very own Lettasafe mailbox today!

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