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Mailboxes are simply essential

 Essential Mailboxes

No matter where you live or work, in order to receive incoming mail you will need to have some form of mail box at your property. This can be a simple slot through your front door, a pigeon hole type affair that you might find in a communal building, a lockable unit attached to the front wall or a beautifully crafted, yet sturdy mailbox fixed to a post at the boundary between your lawn and the pavement. The simple fact is that letterboxes are an essential part of everyday life.

Without a mail box there is no guarantee that you would ever receive your mail safely – and without the fear of it being intercepted by those looking to commit identity theft. Additionally, while there is no legal requirement for a property to have a letterbox, if Royal Mail cannot physically give you your mail they are within their rights to say it was undeliverable.

The best type of mail box is one that is going to provide many years of reliability. It should be strong, durable and most definitely resilient to our ever changing British weather. Boxes such as high quality cast aluminium mailboxes are among the best type of post box to have. Made from a high quality metal, they ensure both durability and reliability, no matter how large the volume of mail delivered or how bad the weather is.

At Lettasafe we specialise in competitively priced, high quality cast aluminium mail boxes, be it a secure unit that can be fitted flush into a front wall or a standalone postbox at the boundary to your property. Our mailboxes are available in a variety of stylish designs and colour options and are manufactured with durability in mind, made from the best quality material, ensuring that they will last for many years, whatever the seasons might throw its way.


A selection of Lettasafe Mailboxes

 Fron retrievel mail box  Rear retrievel postbox fitted into railings  Green front retrievel mailbox  Thames letter box with Welsh slate front

Kingsbury front retrievel postbox shown securely fitted to a brick wall

Rear retrievel Bloomsbury mailbox fitted into railings

Bloomsbury letterbox shown in green

Thames letter box with Welsh slate front

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