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Letterboxes in Rural Areas

Postboxes in Rural Areas

Typically, letterboxes are located near the entrance to a property. Many consist of a slit in the door (common in many homes) or alternatively a unit mounted onto a wall. However, for those who live in rural locations neither of these types of mailbox may be a suitable option. For those living at a property with a long driveway where entry can only be achieved by the opening of a gate (where electronic or key-based), then it is entirely possible that the postman will be unable to deliver any letters. In a situation such as this it is advisable to have a facility for letter delivery at the boundary of the property, either as a mailbox fitted into a wall or a letter box mounted onto a gate post.
Ensuring the security of your post is something that every property owner should be aware of. In many respects, those living in rural or remote areas where their mail is delivered to a box not directly attached to a property should pay even greater attention. Currently, theft of mail is increasing at an ever-increasing rate, with mailboxes being continually vandalised. Rural property owners who are concerned about this happening to them have several options available to prevent such occurrences. Firstly, property owners can opt for an anti-arson mail box which, in the event of a fire, contains an inbuilt system that can put out a fire before it has the chance to spread. Secondly, they have the option of choosing a letter box that requires the use of a key in order to retrieve mail, as well as one which has an anti-tamper bar located inside to prevent prying hands from reaching inside. Finally, for those in rural areas or properties where there is gated entry, CCTV is also an option. Nowadays, CCTV cameras are very economically priced and fitting one that can monitor the movements of persons who arrive at your gate helps in two ways: firstly it provides you with concrete evidence of any crime that might have taken place and secondly, if the CCTV is placed in a prominent position it can act as a deterrent for any would be criminals.
The fitting of a mail box to a wall, gate or post is a relatively easy process. Modern mail boxes come in many different stylish designs and colour options and are made from sturdy metal. Our mailboxes in particular are made from high quality cast aluminium. Mail box sizes vary according to ones needs, from those that can hold several letters right up to special post boxes that have the ability to hold both letters and parcels safely and securely. Letter boxes that are fitted flush against a wall will have a shute that holds the post safely away from the main mail slot.
In rural areas some householders opt to not even use a letter box; the person delivering the mail may be able to leave the post in an entryway to the property such as a porch. In other cases, the postman might be able to open the main door to the property and drop the post off there directly. In fact, it is not too uncommon to hear of people who still feel secure enough to leave their front doors unlocked for the postman to gain entrance. Even if you are lucky enough to live in a location that enjoys a low crime rate and you feel confident about leaving your front door unlocked, it is still advisable to have a letter box for your property; aside from keeping your letters safe from thieves, it will ensure that mail can be delivered without any damage to its contents.

 Postbox fitted securely in a brick pier



Shown to the left is an image of a Lettasafe postbox fitted securely into a brick pier. The mail is retrieved from behind the wall and railings from a lockable door. For more imformation on this postbox, click on the image.

 Rear view of a mailbox fitted securely in a brick pier




Rear view of the postbox shown above. Click on the mailbox image for more imformation.




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