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Letterboxes fixed into Railings

 Kingsbury Rear retrieval Letterbox in RailingsKingsbury Front retrieval Letterbox in RailingsBloomsbury Rear retrieval Letterbox in RailingsBloomsbury Front retrieval Letterbox in Railings

  • Securely fits into railings
  • Front or rear access postboxes
  • Key Lockable
  • Anti theft restrictor plate available Sectional view of Chelsaea mailbox
  • Tough powder coat finish

Most of the Lettasafe range of postboxes are designed to be fitted into railings. Because the Lettersafe mailboxes are attractive but still tough they are ideally suited to be fixed into gates and railings. The mail can be retrieved from the rear of the post box, or alternatively if the access to the rear of the letter box is restricted then a front retrieval mail box can be used. Another advantage of this type of letter box fixing is that it allows your post box to be situated at he boundary of your property, meaning that your gates do not have to be left open making your property more secure.


There are several types of Lettasafe mailboxes which are suitable for fixing into gates and railings.

  • LS01 Kingsbury rear opening mailbox
  • LS03 Kingsbury front opening mail box
  • LS05 Bloomsbury rear opening letterbox
  • LS07 Bloomsbury front opening postbox
  • LS09 Chelsea rear retrieval letter box


All of the letterboxes listed above are lockable and supplied with 2 keys. The mailboxes are available in a choice of black, green, burgundy or white textured finishes.The postboxes shown below are of the LS09 Chelsea rear opening mailbox. This mail box is designed for retrofitting into existing gates and railings without the need to cut and weld the existing metalwork. The image on the left shows the Chelsea letterbox fitted to the railings by drilling the metal bars and fitted by self tapping bolts screwed through from the inside of the postbox. An alternative method of fixing the Chelsea postboxes is use the optional fixing kit as shown below right. This method of fixing the mailbox is quick and easy, without the need to drill the existing railings.


Chelsea mailbox fitted onto railingsChelsea mailbox fixed onto railings


 The Kingsbury and Bloomsbury mailboxes have a solid aluminium front casting and letter plate whilst the front of the Chelsea postbox is made from solid aluminium with a tough powder coated steel letter plate. The inner sleeve on the entire range of Lettasafe postboxes is made from sturdy zintec coated steel plate. The remainder of the castings are made from solid aluminium. All of the letterbox castings have a thorough 7 stage pre-treatment stage before being powder coated with a low bake enamel.

Letterboxes shown are

  • Top (Left to Right):- Kingsbury rear opening letter box, Kingsbury front acees mailbox, Bloomsbury rear opening mail box, Bloomsbury front access post box
  • Above right:- Sectional view showing the operation of the Chelsea mailbox
  • Left:- Images showing the fixing of the Chelsea mailboxesl

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