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Letterbox Vandalism

Letterbox Vandalism

The standard home letterbox is something we quite often take for granted and seldom consider to be an issue. Its purpose is to be a vehicle for the delivery of information, be it bills, letters, postcards or small parcels. It serves that purpose very well most of the time and hardly ever gives us cause for concern or worry. However, we should be aware of the main issues that could cause our mailbox to no longer work as efficiently as it should. The first issue is weather: the weather system in the UK is such that on any given day we could be woken to a hard frost, experience heavy rain in the morning, bright sunshine in the afternoon and suffer at the hands of a gale force wind in the evening. A good quality postbox, therefore, should be waterproof, rust proof and generally able to withstand whatever the great British weather throws its way.

The second issue - and the one which should be given the most consideration when choosing a letterbox - is vandalism. Whilst it is an unfortunate indication of the state of the world when we need to consider the security aspect of our letterboxes, sadly it is something that is all too often overlooked. One of the easiest and most common crimes committed is the theft of mail from a slot-in-the-door type of letterbox. This type of mail box is also a common element used by burglars in gaining entry to a home. Additionally, a slot-in-the-door letterbox can be vandalised if not looked after and maintained properly; indeed, stories in the media of arson being committed on letter boxes seem to be ever on the rise.

Postboxes situated on the boundary of your property - either free standing or fitted to a wall, fence or gate - are considered to be soft targets for vandalism. If you are considering this type of post box for your property, then it is vitally important that you look at all the security options available and choose the very best you can afford.

Lettasafe specialises in high quality cast aluminium mailboxes. These mailboxes are incredibly durable and resistant to many weather conditions, but more importantly they are strong enough to withstand any damage caused by a would be criminal's attempts at forced entry. Additionally, by fitting an internal restrictor bar just behind the front aperture, you can be sure that any mail deposited inside the unit is safe from prying hands. For security conscious individuals who wish to ensure the safety of their mail and their property, then it is also possible to fit letterboxes with small fire extinguishers, which activate once the temperature reaches a specific level.

While there is no such thing as a mail box that is completely vandal-proof, by ensuring that you have fitted yours with the best security features available to you, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done all you can to protect your property.

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