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How to Install your LS17 Postbox into a wall being built

7 Steps to fitting your LS17 Highway letter chute assembly into a brick wall being built

Letterplate and chute assembly for Highway letter chute

Step 1

Insert the grub screws into the threaded inserts of the letterplate then secure to the front sleeve using the 2 nylocs.

Highway letter chute securing bolts

Step 2

The rear chute has 2 sets of securing holes, the set required will depend on the depth of the wall. The diagram shows the set used for deeper walls. Place 2 nylon washers onto each of the 4 securing bolts and loosely screw into the securing holes. Position the washers as shown.


Highway letter chute assembly

Step 3

Slide the 2 sections together ensuring that the securing bolts locate in the adjusting slots with a nylon washer either side of the section. Set the overall depth of the chute to a little larger than the thickness of the wall and lock the securing bolts up with the 5mm allan key.

Brick wall for letter chute

Step 4

Build the brickwork up to the levels of the chute assembly.

Use the chute assembly as a guide and cut the bricks to shape. The slope on the rear wall is not critical but the front wall needs to be reasonably good. The slope angle is 28 degrees.

Note the notch cutout on the front wall, the dimensions are shown below


  • D = 15mm, the depth of the notch
  • H = 16mm, the height of the notch



Use Letter chute for guide
LS17 Chute assembly

Step 5

Continue to build the wall around the letter chute. Note that the gap above the top of the chute needs to be perpendicular to the wall, this is to allow the flap to open fully.

While building ensure that the chute assembly remains free and after building past the chute, release the 2 halves of the assembly and remove until the wall has set.


Insert the letter chute assembly

Step 6

Apply a small bead of clear silicon around the top and sides (not the bottom) of the flange on the rear section, then with the help of an assistant slide the front and rear sections together through the gaps in the wall. The securing bolts should locate in the adjustment slots of the front section. Ensure that there is a nylon washer either side of the adjustment slot as illustrated.


Tighten chute bolts

Step 7

Keeping the sections in place, tighten the 4 securing bolts.

Where the letterplate meets the wall, run a bead of clear silicon around the top and sides (not the bottom), also seal the internal join by running a bead of silicon on the inside of the chute where the front and rear sections meet.



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