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How to install the LS13 Orwell letter chute into a wall being built

7 Steps to fitting your LS13 Orwell letter chute assembly into a brick wall being built

Gap in front brick wall for letter chute


Step 1

Build the wall up to the height of the letter plate. Leave a gap of 260mm wide on the front face as illustrated.

Note: The bricks either side of the gap will need to be removed to be notched (See step 2).

W = 260mm




  Gap in rear brick wall for letter chute


Leave the same gap of 260mm in the rear wall but extend it 20mm lower than the gap in the front wall.

A = 20mm, W = 260mm




Gap in front brick wall for letter chute


 Step 2

Remove the 2 bricks adjacent to the gap in the front wall and cut notches  as illustrated. The notches should be 18mm wide and 10mm deep. Cement the bricks back into place when done.

Note: Depending on the thickness of the joints, it may be necessary to remove some of the mortar below the notches. These directions assume that the mortar joints are 11mm thick, the notch should start 8mm above the bottom of the gap for the chute, therefor in this illustration 3mm of mortar will need to be removed.

D = 10mm, W = 18mm




  LS13 letter plate to front section

Step 3

Use the 2 nylocs to attach the letter plate to the front section. Note the orientation of the chute, the larger gap is to the top.

Do not over tighten the nuts.



 Join the 2 halves of the letter chute

Step 4

Slide the 2 halves of the letter chute together. Be careful not to damage the seal on the front assembly.



  LS30 Orwell Letter chute in partially built wall



Step 5

Place the letter chute in position ensuring that the 2 halves are butted up against the faces of the bricks but without disturbing the brickwork..





Insert securing bolts into LS13 letter chute



Step 6

Insert the 2 securing bolts.

To ensure the brickwork is not disturbed, do not overtighten the bolts.


Silicon bead in letter chute


Step 7

Complete building the wall.

After the mortar has set gently tighten the 2 securing bolts.

Run a bead of clear silicon around the top and sides of the front letter plate.

Finally, from the back, run a bead of clear silicon inbetween the 2 sections of the chute assembly.




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