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Garden Fence Letterboxes

The Location of your mailbox

For many people the garden is an extension of the home and they take just as much pride in how the lawn and plants are presented as they do their interior décor – after all, the garden is the area of a home that many visitors will see first.

Over recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of gardening as a hobby and as such the range of garden décor items available has increased fourfold. One of the more popular items of garden décor is the letterbox, specifically the type of letter box that sits on your fence.

The popular notion of a garden fence letterbox is the type that you would find in America, where a metal mailbox is affixed to the end of a beautiful white picket fence that surrounds the property. This type of mail box is becoming more popular in the UK, with companies offering many different styles and designs suitable for all types of gardens. Lettasafe specialises in high quality cast aluminium letterboxes; regardless of whether your garden is a simple lawn or has many borders made up of beautiful shrubs and flowers, we can supply you with a letterbox that will match your style and personal preference.

With its clean and strong lines, our Bloomsbury Rear Retrieval letterbox is perfect for those who like a less fussy look. In contrast to the Bloomsbury letterbox, our popular Kingsbury Rear Retrieval mailbox is the ideal option for those who are looking for a more decorative and ornate style of mail box. All of our letterboxes are available in a variety of colours, including satin textured black, green, white and burgundy. Additionally, we can personalise each mailbox with your house name and number on the front panel.

A good quality external mailbox that fits to your fence should be made of a strong metal making it resistant to extreme weather conditions such as snow, frost, wind and rain; this ensures durability over the years. It should also be tamper-proof, preferably with an internal restrictor bar preventing prying hands from reaching in and stealing your post. A rear retrieval mail box is the best option if you wish to fit it to your fence, and being cast from very strong and solid aluminium the external rear door is less likely to suffer at the hands of vandals. No matter what style of garden you have, or what you require from your letterbox, at Lettasafe we have the perfect mailbox to suit your needs.

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