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Decorative Mailboxes

Decorative Mailboxes

Gone are the days when the standard type of mailbox was the-slot-in-the door variety. Nowadays, houses with post units attached to a front wall, gate or fence post are commonplace. These post boxes can be opened from the front and from the back, can be simple and sleek in style, and many are built into a wall so all that is visible externally is the posting aperture.

Many also boast an ornate and beautiful style. In fact, nowadays there are so many different types of mailbox available - each with a different function and style - that there is bound to be one which will suit your needs and fit in perfectly with your home's décor.

Lettasafe’s wide selection of mailboxes is such that, should you be looking for a simple and elegant unit to fit flush in the front wall of your property, then we have multiple options available to you, including our Thames, Stamford and Bloomsbury systems. The Thames range, made from slate from the Welsh valleys, affords you the option of having your property name and number inscribed in white or silver enamel, or even 23¾ carat gold leaf. This mailbox certainly exudes simple elegance and high class style. Should you be looking for a more decorative in-the-wall option, then the Kingsbury range is the perfect solution, with a front plate bordered with delicate swirling accents; your property name and number can also be inscribed in a decoratively styled font.

When thinking of external mailboxes, one of the first images that spring to mind is the classic American style mailbox fixed to a post at the bottom of a long driveway, usually as part of a white picket fence on the boundary between garden and pavement. These mailboxes, while very simple in their function, are design classics and nowadays it is quite common to find this type of unit even in UK properties. Lettasafe’s Bloomsbury and Kingsbury range of letterboxes are available for fitting to a fence or as standalone units. Both styles are ideally suited to different decorative styles: the Bloomsbury is a more masculine style with strong, clean lines, while the elegant Kingsbury range, with its front plate, can be inscribed with your property name and number in a suitable decorative font.

Our high quality cast aluminium mailboxes afford you the option of choosing from a variety of colours for the main body, and some have different finish options available for the main letter plate. However you prefer your decorative style, be it strong and simple or elegant and ornate, our mail boxes can be tailored to suit your own design requirements and preference.

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