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Buying a new Letterbox

Buying a new Postbox

Letterboxes come in all different shapes and sizes, so when looking for a new letter box it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what you require from it, and how you want it to fit within your surroundings. To start with, you will need to take into account the type of property for which you will be purchasing the mail box; after all, there’s no point buying a mail box designed to fit to a gate if you live in an apartment block.

There are several types of mailbox available from which to choose, with the slot-in-the-door being the most common and simple type. This type of postbox is generally made from aluminium or galvanised or stainless steel, and can be fitted in doors made from wood and uPVC. While it is relatively simple to install this type of letterbox and takes up no room, it is also the easiest for would-be criminals to break into and steal your mail.

The next type of letterbox is the type that is attached to a wall or gate. These can either be accessed from the front of the box or, if the unit is fitted into a gate for instance, via a door at the back. These mailboxes are a safer option compared to the slot-in-the-door type, with access only being gained by the use of a key. Any attempts to access the mail through the front aperture will fail thanks to a restrictor bar which is generally fitted internally.

Letterboxes can also be freestanding, like the ones that are seen in Hollywood movies such as ‘Forrest Gump’. This particular mailbox is popular for those who live in a rural location and whose house is some distance from the main road.

Regardless of whether the postbox will be freestanding or fixed to a wall or gate, there are several features that can be added to ensure additional safety for your mail. Firstly, as mentioned above, mail from these boxes can only be retrieved with a key via a panel at either the front or back of the unit. Secondly, boxes of this type are made from very strong metal; we specialise in high quality cast aluminium mailboxes, making them incredibly difficult to tamper with. Thirdly, there are also options available for arson prevention, including internal fire extinguishers that are activated once the temperature within the mailbox reaches a specified level. These extinguishers can also prevent the fire from spreading beyond the immediate area.

Finally, non slot-in-the-door type letterboxes are incredibly durable and weather resistant, and having your mail delivered to such a box means it is no longer at risk of water damage, being chewed up by an over-enthusiastic pet, or even hidden somewhere safe by a small child.

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