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Benefits of large Mailboxes

The benefits of Large Mailboxes

Over the past few years the type of mail we receive has changed considerably. Gone are the days of simply receiving postcards and small letters; now our letterboxes are filled with A4 size envelopes, magazines, newspapers, small packets and even medium to large sized parcels. With websites such as eBay and Amazon increasing in popularity, nowadays it is far more commonplace for a postman to deliver parcels alongside the more traditional mail.

Because of this change in item size, new styles of letter boxes that can accommodate different packet sizes have come onto the market. Lettasafe specialises in high quality cast aluminium mailboxes and many of our styles have front apertures which are capable of taking A4 size envelopes and newspapers and magazines.

Before deciding on what type of mail box to get, it is always a good idea to assess your needs: do you receive larger envelopes or magazines regularly? Are you able to retrieve them from the mailbox the day that they are delivered? While many letterboxes come in a standard size, some of the options we offer at Lettersafe give you the ability to expand the internal capacity, so if you are unlikely to collect your mail daily then there are postboxes that can hold several days’ worth of mail at any one time.

One such style is the Stamford Rear Access Mailbox. Designed to be fitted to a brick wall or pier, this mailbox is the perfect option for those who receive a daily newspaper or magazine delivery. With a front letter aperture of 230mm, this mail box can also receive larger sized envelopes easily, and with an internal cavity can be expanded up to 1000mm. It is also capable of holding several days’ worth of post.

For people who use Ecommerce sites such as eBay or Amazon on a regular basis and seem to be forever traipsing down to the local sorting office to pick up parcels, thankfully there is a new option that is entirely suited to your needs: The Amazon Midi Letter and Parcel Box. This is a two part postbox, with the top section similar to most other postboxes; it has a wide front aperture capable of taking letters, magazine and small packets. These items drop down into a holding area, which can be accessed from the front by using a key. Below this standard postal area is a much larger holding area that can be used for larger packets and parcels. Once the postman has delivered the items to this section, the door is shut and locks so that only keyholders can gain entry; never again will you fear the postman leaving a parcel on your doorstep for the entire world to see.

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